Solar Service, Repair & Maintenance

Solar Panels on Roof

• Is Your Solar Installation Not Performing as Represented?

• Is Your Original Installer Out of Business or Not Returning Your Calls for Service?

Need a New Component, but the Manufacturer Won’t Send It Without Some Preliminary Troubleshooting Done by a Qualified Technician?


Solar Guardians USA - Stars & Stripes Sh
Solar Guardians USA - Stars & Stripes Sh

Solar Guardians USA is THE Premier Service, Repair and Maintenance Company in the USA for Solar. 


We can say this because that is all we do!  Other solar companies focus on new installations and sales. Once the job is complete, they are on to their next installation.  There is no money in having to come back for a “service problem” or preventative maintenance,  so you are put on the bottom of their work list.  Maybe they will get to you, maybe not. Worse, maybe they are out of business! In the meantime, your solar investment may not be producing as efficiently as it should... 

Solar Guardians USA focuses solely on the service side of the business, meaning we are not installers.  We are service technicians solving your problems and getting your system back up and running as quickly as possible. We also offer maintenance programs for new systems as well as for existing installations. 


Solar Guardians USA Protects YOUR Solar Investment.

Solar Guardians USA works with most large financiers as certified service providers.