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Solar Guardians USA: Protecting Your Solar Investment in NJ and Southeastern PA

Solar Panels on Roof

• Is Your Solar Installation Not Performing as Represented?

• Is Your Original Installer Out of Business or Not Returning Your Calls for Service?

Need a New Component, but the Manufacturer Won’t Send It Without Some Preliminary Troubleshooting Done by a Qualified Technician?


Solar Guardians USA - Stars & Stripes Sh
Solar Guardians USA - Stars & Stripes Sh

Solar Guardians USA is THE Premier Service, Repair and Maintenance Company in the USA for Solar. 

If you feel your solar system is underperforming or in need of repairs, find the help you need from a trusted solar repair company. Solar Guardians USA provides first-class repair and maintenance services for residents throughout New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Learn more about our company and the services we offer.

Solar Service, Repair, & Maintenance

With a focus on maintaining and troubleshooting existing solar systems, our team is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional service and ensuring their systems are in working order. The services we provide include:

Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation

Clients who have solar panels installed at their homes, but need their roofs repaired or replaced, can benefit from our services. Our technicians properly remove your system while repairs are being made to the roof. Once completed, our technicians will reinstall your system to its original configuration. During this process, we will note and notify you of any issues with the current installation and recommend improvements if necessary.

Solar Operation and Repair

To best protect the lifespan of your solar system, routine maintenance is suggested. As part of our annual maintenance program, our technicians conduct the proper tests to ensure your system is functioning properly. If needed, we will also perform necessary repairs.

Animal Protection

Animals chewing on your system’s wiring or finding shelter underneath the panels can be damaging to the system. Solar Guardians USA offers clients repair services against instances like this. We also install critter guards to help protect your system from this type of damage in the future.

Solar Consultation

If our clients are ever in need of professional advice regarding their solar system, the professionals at Solar Guardians USA are standing by ready to assist. We provide advice pertaining to contract agreements, installations, and repairs. We also offer home inspections for residents who are selling or buying a home and shading analyses.

Solar Maintenance Programs

Solar Guardians USA offers two maintenance programs that back up the guarantee from an original contractor. Our Maintenance Assurance Program is for clients with newer solar installations, while our Extended Maintenance Assurance Program applies to installations over 5 years old.

You Need Solar Guardians USA 

While other companies focus on selling you solar systems and installing them, we focus our efforts on ensuring those systems are functioning properly and serve you for years to come. Our team is experienced in solar technology, dedicated to customer service, and can help ensure your system is back up and running as soon as possible.

Solar Guardians USA Protects Your Solar Investment

Once you've had solar installed at your home, protect that investment as best as you can through our solar repair company. Serving New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania, Solar Guardians USA works with several experienced roofing contractors, as well as most large financiers as certified service providers. For more information, contact us today.

Solar Guardians USA Protects YOUR Solar Investment.

Solar Guardians USA works with most large financiers as certified service providers.

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