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Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Removal & Re-installation

Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation Services in NJ and Southeastern PA

If the roof of your home is equipped with solar panels and the roof needs to be repaired, Solar Guardians USA can help. Our team specializes in solar panel removal and reinstallation for clients across New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Find out more about what these services entail.

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Solar Guardians USA Protects YOUR Solar Investment.

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Our Removal and Reinstallation Services

Removing existing solar panels and racking systems requires experience and knowledge to ensure it is done properly and safely. With years of experience having installed solar panels themselves, our technicians at Solar Guardians USA are familiar with multiple types of inverters, racking components, and solar panel manufacturers. Our services include:

Solar Panel Removal

Prior to your roof repairs, our team can remove your solar panels and safely store them onsite. During the removal process, our knowledgeable technicians can determine whether your solar system was originally installed correctly and note any defects or issues found. Once we have established all possible corrections, we discuss our findings with the homeowner and make recommendations on the best ways to correct these issues.

Solar Panel Reinstallation

Once the repairs to the roof are complete, our team will reinstall your solar system to its original configuration. The solar panels can also be reinstalled in an adjusted configuration based on our technician’s findings as part of the removal process. Our team can also recommend effective equipment upgrades to the current system, if necessary.


As a comprehensive solar repair company, Solar Guardians USA offers repair services, as well as solar maintenance programs, to help homeowners maximize the lifespan of their equipment.

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The Solar Guardians USA Advantage

At Solar Guardians USA, we want to help you make the most of your solar system. We are a homeowner’s one-stop-shop for several solar-power needs and we work closely with multiple roofing contractors.



While installing solar panels to your home can be very beneficial, it requires an expert hand. Our team works diligently to ensure each project is completed with care. As part of our service, we will inspect your system thoroughly for potential damage and can oftentimes seal existing leakage points during our visit. Should the leak require more invasive repairs, one of our roofing partners can help resolve the issue.

As part of our services, we'll also look for evidence of animal infiltration. Animals that seek shelter underneath solar panels can cause damage to the system and the roof. In this case, our team can offer animal protection services with critter guard installation to help prevent further issues.

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Partner with Solar Guardians USA

When your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, Solar Guardians USA can take care of your solar system for you. Our solar panel removal and reinstallation services extend to clients across New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. For more information regarding our services and financing options, contact us today.

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