Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Removal & Re-installation

Most panels today come with an equipment warranty of (25) years and can have an expected life of up to (40) years.  It stands to reason, then, that at some point in your investment’s life there is a good chance that your roof may need to be replaced or repaired.

To replace or repair your roof the solar panels and racking will need to be removed.  Once the repairs are made, your same solar system can be reinstalled on your home.

Removal and Reinstallation, is commonly known in the industry as an “R&R.”

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Solar Panel Removal

Removing your solar panels can be a trying time.  Fortunately, Solar Guardians are here to help!

Solar Guardians specializes in Solar Removal & Re-installation.


All Solar Guardians technicians have also installed or currently install solar systems.  We understand multiple style racking components, different inverter types and manufacturers as well as and panel idiosyncrasies.

During the removal process our technicians will note any install deficiencies or problems that they find and inform you on how to best correct them during the re-installation process.  

Your equipment can be stored on site in a safe place or in our trailer while your roof repairs are being made.

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Roofing Repairs

Solar Guardians maintains relationships with several experienced solar roofing companies. We have, in essence, integrated these two professions to create the most experienced service professionals that are able to offer the most comprehensive solution to your roofing needs. 

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Roof Leak Inspections

Installing solar on your home is one of the most invasive improvements you can add to your home, but also one of the most beneficial. The unfortunate reality of solar installations is that the installer must put multiple penetrations into your roof.


These attachment points are necessary for structural integrity, but if not done correctly, could lead roof leak problems. If the installation was done poorly, there may have been multiple, unnecessary penetrations in your roof.  Penetrations that were not sealed properly are the most common cause of a roof leak. 


The other situation we often see is that an animal has taken refuse under one of your panels and has chewed through your roofing shingles.

Your Solar Guardians technician will inspect your roof and locate any leaks you are having.  The majority of the time we are able to solve the problem immediately without any further costly repairs.  However, should there be damage beyond a simple repair, Solar Guardians has multiple relationships with experienced roofing partners who can help solve the problem.

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Solar Panel Reinstallation

After your roof has been repaired or replaced Solar Guardians will reinstall your racking and solar panels in their original configuration.


If during the removal process, we found deficiencies in the original installation, we will correct them during the reinstall and at your request make recommendations where equipment technology upgrades would be prudent.