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Commercial Solar Services In New Jersey And Southeastern Pennsylvania

As companies evolve, they may be looking for new ways to become more efficient and grow. Many businesses are choosing to convert to solar power to increase revenue and transition to a greener landscape. Tax incentives make solar systems even more attractive, though this transition requires professional and reliable services. Solar Guardians USA offers exceptional commercial solar services to clients in New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. We invite you to learn what our services entail and about our commitment to outstanding performance on every job.

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Solar Guardians USA Protects YOUR Solar Investment.

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Our Commercial Solar Services

Companies that decide to switch to solar energy need to protect their investment by relying on professionals to service their equipment. At Solar Guardians USA, we help commercial clients get the most out of their investment through our comprehensive services and repairs. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with quality and trusted services, ensuring their systems continue to run smoothly for years to come. Our experienced, highly trained team provides the following:

Solar Panel Removal And Reinstallation

Through advances in technology, solar systems are now more high-tech than ever. They have a lifespan of up to 40 years, well surpassing the life expectancy of your commercial roof. When the time comes to replace the roof of your business, you must properly remove and reinstall your solar system. The technicians at Solar Guardians USA can thoroughly inspect your system as they remove it, advise you on any needed solutions, and reinstall the system when your roof repairs are complete. These services also are convenient for companies who are moving to a new location and need to take their solar panels with them.

Solar Operation And Maintenance
Keeping your solar system working at maximum efficiency requires routine maintenance. We recommend having your system serviced at least once a year. Our maintenance service involves a detailed inspection of the system. Should we find any modules with defects or other problems, we will consult with the customer and recommend the appropriate repairs, which our team can gladly handle as well.
Animal Protection
Wildlife is one of the biggest culprits in causing issues within a solar system. Trees that hang over solar systems often house squirrels, birds, and other animals that can wreak havoc by chewing through wires and the like. If they cause damage to your commercial roof, it will have to be repaired or replaced, as well. To combat this, Solar Guardians USA protects your system from these critters with critter guard installation. These guards prevent animals from entering the space between the panels and block leaves and twigs from building up around the system.

Solar Consultation

Having an experienced and reputable solar expert you can trust is important to maintain the longevity of your system. Solar Guardians USA offers its consulting services for a variety of solar system topics. Our consulting expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Assessing contracts: Solar contracts can be very confusing if they are not familiar to you. Solar Guardians USA can explain your contract to you to ensure you get exactly what you’re asking for.

  • Analyzing shade: With shade playing such a pivotal role in a solar panel system’s output, it is an important aspect to consider – even after installing the system. We offer full shade analysis to determine how a system is affected by shady areas, both now and in the future.

  • Inspection and certification: If you are looking to purchase a business or sell one with an existing solar system, our qualified technicians can inspect the system and certify its production and warranty.

Solar Maintenance Programs

To help protect a business owner’s investment, we offer a Maintenance Assurance Program for newer units. We also provide an Extended Maintenance Program for systems over five years old. These programs are intended to provide systems with the attention and care necessary for optimal performance.

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Trust the professionals at Solar Guardians USA for all your commercial solar system needs. We offer a wide range of services to commercial clients in New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. To learn more about how you can improve the performance of your business’s solar system, please contact us today.

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