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Animal Protection

Trees should be kept away from hanging over any part of your roof.  They are the pathway for squirrels, birds and other animals that can nest and chew on the wires of your solar investment. The squirrels are the most devious of the critters, gnawing at every wire. The reason being is still unknown, but the theory is that the coating on the wire is soy or nut-based and attracts the furry little roof rats. This can be devastating to your investment and your roof!  Animals can cause leaks and damage to your roof creating a larger problem as panels will need to be removed and reinstalled after the roof is repaired.

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Animal Solar Repair

Somehow an animal has taken refuse on your roof. Squirrels are the worst as they have a tendency to chew the insulation off of the wiring under your solar array.  By chewing the coating off of the wires the squirrels have created two (2) problems at one time.


First, your system can shut down and your solar investment losses all value. Second, and perhaps more importantly, solar panel will continue to produce DC electricity even when shut down.  This, in turn, raises a concern for any objects that have been used for nesting, could potentially be ignited by the electricity coming from the solar module. 


If you see or hear any animals on your roof, you should call Solar Guardians to do an immediate inspection of your system.  Of course, inspecting all of your wiring is part of our annual inspection maintenance.

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Critter Guard Installation

Outside animals can cause significant damage to your solar panels and wiring. These poor creatures try to find shelter underneath of your panels. This can not only ruin your system but is a huge fire hazard! Even worse, damages caused by animals isn’t covered by standard Solar Warranties.

To combat damage from animals and the buildup of flammable materials, Solar Guardians offers “critter guards,” which are strips of metal screening resembling high-quality chicken wire that can be attached along the sides of rooftop panels. These are also sometimes referred to as “solar bird netting”.


Because solar panels are installed with a gap between them and the roof for ventilation purposes, critter guards and bird netting can be installed to block squirrels and birds from getting under and between your panels and causing costly damage. They also block leaves, twigs, and other flammable debris from collecting under your panels and near the wiring, preventing a potential fire hazard.

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