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About Us

About Our Solar Repair Company in New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania

Let the professionals at Solar Guardians USA ensure your solar system is running as it should. Serving the residents of New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania, we are one of the most comprehensive solar repair companies in the area. Solar Guardians USA has over 15 years of experience in performing repairs, replacements, reinstallations, and more. Learn more about our services and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Solar Guardians USA Protects YOUR Solar Investment.

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Our Expertise

Solar Guardians USA is geared directly towards servicing and troubleshooting solar systems. With our broad experience with a wide variety of popular systems, our trained, knowledgeable staff is skilled in providing customers with top-notch solar repair solutions. We are an approved service contractor for brands like Sunpower and Sunova and work with multiple roofing contractors. Our company has also been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds licenses in NJ and PA, including:

  • NJ Electrical License: 34EB01091200

  • NJ Home Improvement Contractor’s (HIC) License: 13VH10986500

  • PA Home Improvement Contractor’s (HIC) License: PA156081


As a trusted solar repair company, Solar Guardians USA is heavily equipped in providing a range of services for homeowners.


About Our Services

We are happy to help our customers make the most of their solar investment by providing a wide selection of repairs and services. We understand the expense that goes into owning a solar system and our company provides the solutions necessary to help keep those systems running smoothly and efficiently. Our staff has experience with a vast selection of racking components, inverters, and solar panel manufacturers and provides customers with exceptional services that cater to a variety of solar needs.


At Solar Guardians USA, our professional services include:


Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation Services

When your roof needs repairs, the Solar Guardians USA team will carefully remove your current panels and racking. We will then reinstall the solar system once the roof repairs are complete.


Solar Operation and Maintenance Services


Solar Guardians USA offers an annual maintenance program. We recommend that all customers with existing solar panels have their equipment inspected regularly to ensure it functions properly.

Animal Protection Services

As part of our repair services, Solar Guardians USA offers animal protection. Our team will inspect that your system is free from animal and fire hazards, and install special guards that help prevent critters from causing issues.

Solar Consultations

Partner with Solar Guardians USA to receive expert guidance regarding your solar investment. Our consultations serve as a way for residents to make informed decisions about their equipment.


Solar Maintenance Programs

At Solar Guardians USA, we offer a Maintenance Assurance Program for newer installations as well as an Extended Maintenance Program for older systems. We also offer programs for leasing and installation companies.

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Schedule an Appointment with Solar Guardians USA Today


If you find that your solar system needs removal and reinstallation, a maintenance check, critter guards for animal protection, or another service, let Solar Guardians USA be your first call. As one of the most trusted solar repair companies, our services are available to clients across NJ and Southeastern PA. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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