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Energy Efficiency Consultation

Solar Operation & Maintenance

Solar Operation and Maintenance is exactly what the name implies; maintaining your solar installation so that it continues to operate at its peak efficiency.  Just like you maintain your car by changing its oil and getting a tune-up, you should also maintain your solar investment.

At Solar Guardians USA we recommend an annual “checkup” for your solar investment. Our annual maintenance program includes cleaning the modules of debris, pollen or bird droppings and then verify your systems production. Should we find your system is not operating at its peak, we will bring this to your attention and repair any faults if possible.

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Solar Guardians USA Protects YOUR Solar Investment.

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Solar Panel Repair or Replacement

On occasion modules may have defects and can stop producing without any warning. Solar Guardians will inspect and test your panel and repair or replace it with a like or compatible module in accordance with inverter and racking specifications.


Once the new module is installed or repaired, the technician will test the new module for connectivity and production, ensuring that you are up and running at full potential.

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Solar Inverter Repair or Replacement

A solar inverter converts the DC generated electricity from the solar modules, into usable AC electricity.  While solar panels have become more efficient over the last several years, inverters have also improved by leaps and bounds. If your inverter is experiencing an error code or performance issues our technician will determine why and either repair or replace the inverter.


Something as simple as a wire disconnect could shut your whole system down.  In many cases with a micro inverter we will carry a replacement right on our service truck.  That way we can get you back up and running right away and we will replace our inventory from the manufacturer.

Solar Guardians technicians are  familiar with all inverter brands; SMA, ABB, Solar Edge, Enphase, Fronius, Satcom, Ginlong and AP just to name a few.

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Solar Manufacturer Warranty Assistance


A warranty is supposed to be your friend.  Your solar investment came with manufacturer’s warranties on both your panels and inverters. 


If something goes wrong, most likely your first call is to your original installer. Unfortunately, the solar industry is plagued by unreliable and unscrupulous businesses, that only open their doors for long enough to make a quick buck.


All too often we are approached by customers whose original solar companies have gone out of business, leaving them with no after-sale support.  Your now defunct installer was your service line to the manufacturer.  If you call the manufacturer directly, they are going to require a qualified service technician to analyze the issue before they will replace any equipment under their warranty.

Solar Guardians can help! Regardless of who installed your system, we service and repair all brands of inverters and solar panels and will work directly with the manufacturer for you.  


Solar Guardians has simplified that process by building a strong trusting relationship with these companies. We are able to contact most manufacturers direct and process what the vendor industry calls an RMA, most of the time in minutes.  The key is to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible!

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