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Solar Consultation

Solar Guardians are experts in the solar field, and can offer extensive consulting services to help you make the right decisions regarding your solar investment.

Don't hesitate to contact us for professional advice on the numerous issues that may arise with solar contract agreements, installation, and repair.

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Solar Guardians USA Protects YOUR Solar Investment.

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Contract Assessment and Evaluation

When you need a unbiased third-party opinion, you can count on Solar Guardians.  Different solar contracts have different obligations or different advantages. If you have questions or want to know how your contract works, we will explain it all to you.  If it fits for you; Great!  If it does not work well for you, then maybe you should continue searching. 


Solar Guardians has no “skin” in the game.  We do not make installer recommendations, we will only layout exactly what you are getting and for how much.  It is always your decision.

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Shading Analysis

Shade is the enemy of your solar investment. While much of this should have been considered by your initial installer, many are just quick to make a sale and do not worry about the years ahead. Many times, your system is under producing because trees have grown and are now partially shading your array.  Solar Guardians will do a full shading analysis to determine if your system is being affected by nature’s growth and by how much, both now and in the future, so you are able to take the proper actions.  

Trees should be kept away from hanging over any part of your roof.  They are the pathway for squirrels and other animals that can nest and chew on the wires of your solar investment. This can be devastating to your investment and your roof!  Animals can cause leaks and damage to your roof and then we have a larger problem as panels will need to be removed and reinstalled after the roof is repaired.

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Home Inspection and Certification

Whether you are purchasing or selling a home that has existing solar you should have the solar system inspected and certified by a qualified technician. Most home inspection companies are not qualified to inspect and certify a system’s production.  They simply don’t have the tools.


At Solar Guardians not only will we inspect (and repair where necessary) a system but then we will certify its production and warranty that production for the future homeowner.

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